I don’t like New Years Resolutions. They always lead to disappointment.

But every year I make them anyways.

This year, though, I want to call them goals. Because they aren’t things that I want to jump into head-on and overwhelm myself, they are things I want to carry out steadily until they become second nature; part of my routine; a lifestyle.

But I don’t want to tell you about my personal “goals” for the year. I want to tell you about what I want to do with this blog!

Last year, I made a commitment to post every week, and I stuck to it (for the most part), missing only seven posts over the course of the year. To me, that’s HUGE! If you’re interested, check out the exact statistics and how much posting on a weekly schedule really boost my readership here.

So, here are some goals that you, as a reader, can look forward to on this blog in the upcoming year:

A solid theme. When I really started focusing on this blog, it started out as a sudo-advice column for college students transitioning from school into the real world. Since then, it’s slowly turned into simply a personal blog with almost a diary-type feel to it. This is going to change. In the upcoming weeks I will be looking towards focusing more on things I love to do, i.e. writing and crafting! Expect more how-to’s and useful lists.

A new website! This one might take a while. Running a blog, even one as simple as this, takes a LOT of work. I’ve put hours upon hours into this thing, and I don’t get paid to do it. Not even Google pays me. That’s how much of a passion project this thing is. I’ve been looking for a way to transition towards a multi-page site that allows me to have more than one fluid posting page. Currently, I can have multiple pages, however every page except this one is stagnant, meaning I cannot publish individual posts to individual pages. If I want to edit something on another page, I have to go in and reformat that page manually. It also means that on other pages, you can’t call up certain posts according to tags or publish dates. This makes for a serious lack of organization and optimization that I hate.

Posting changes. Fridays are great, but I’m currently debating between a Saturday or Monday morning post time. This will give me more time to get posts perfected and to you without missing my deadline.

That’s all. I’m keeping it realistic, and trying not to overwhelm myself with too many to-dos. After all, like I said, I don’t get paid for this. And I’ve already got my work cut out for me.

I would love to hear your opinions on these goals as well. If you have a suggestion or something you enjoy reading on my blog, let me know in the comments. Your input is much appreciated!


A Blog Post: Thanksgiving Edition!

November has been a whirlwind month. Crazy things have happened. It’s as if I had my summer vacation in the fall (September and October) and November is my August wake-up call back into the heavy school-year grind that was my life for 20 years or so. With everything that has happened, I’ve got a lot to reflect on, and a lot to be thankful for, so in the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d share some of those thoughts with you.

  1. Finding my way in LA
    • I’m not going to say that I have LA figured out, nor am I going to say that I’ve successfully infiltrated the entertainment industry, because if there is only one thing I’ve learned in my year and a half of being out here, it’s that this town and this industry is one crazy roller coaster full of ups and downs and failures and small successes. I will say though that so far I have never felt like my time being out here has been a waste. I’ve learned so much about the human condition, relating to people, subcultures and pop culture and the fight for social equality and the American mindset vs. international POVs and these are all things that a little Dorothy like myself couldn’t have learned if I’d stayed back in Kansas.
  2. Being Employed
    • I normally don’t talk about my own personal views on politics or religion here because I want this place to feel as inclusive as possible, and I often find that once a person knows your stance on something, they peg you with 1,001 misconceptions and stereotypes that they hold against whatever that view point is, whether it is actually true to your own person or not. I’m sure I’m even guilty of doing it–it’s almost second nature for people to do this; we love placing people and things into categories. However, on this one thing I must say that I do believe in God, and–though I won’t say that I somehow magically am awarded jobs because of this (because that’s ridiculous)–I do wholeheartedly believe that my trust in something greater than myself has kept me sane and financially afloat. Whether you are religious or not, I do believe that life has a tendency to work itself out, if you are patient, discerning, and don’t panic. I am very thankful for that.
  3. Midwest Roots
    • There are a lot of things I find wrong about the conservative mindset that you find all across the Midwest and into the South. But if there is something I’m very grateful for, it’s being raised surrounded by Midwesterners. Though the world is small in the heart of America, the heart of America is as big as the world. These people are the kindest, most generous, and most open that I have ever come across. Being raised with what I like to call, ‘Midwest Manners,’ is one of the greatest assets I have, and I’m very, very thankful for it.
  4. Friends
    • Okay, so everyone gives this almost expected answer at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sometimes I roll my eyes because it’s so generic. But this year, after moving out to a huge city where I knew practically no one, I truly do have to say that I am so grateful for the friends that I have met and clung to. They have made living in LA durable and worth it. They have taught me the valuable lesson that it is always, always about the relationships you have in your life, not the material items or status or career. You could literally be living in the absolute most beautiful and perfect city ever, and if you had no friends there you would still be miserable. Life fact.
  5. Family
    • The other generic eye-roll answer, but I love them so much and am so grateful for my parents, siblings, and nephews. Everyone needs unconditional love in their life, and I have a lot of it. So very very thankful for that.
  6. You, Dear Reader
    • Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for YOU! Though most of you probably also fall into one of the two bullets above, it means a lot to me that you take the time to read these posts every week. Though it may not always seem like it, I put a lot of thought and time into what I write and share with you, and I hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy making it.

Happy and most delightful belated Thanksgiving, y’all.


New Year Post: First Post of 2015!

Written while watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve:

I’m starting this year out a bit differently. As I sit here watching One Direction serenade a crowd of grown men, Jenna McCarthy list celebrity divorces of 2014, and read my Facebook friends’ sentimental 2014 reflections while my parents celebrate with a bottle of champagne in my uncle’s modular in small town South Dakota, I have a feeling 2015 is going to be my coolest year yet. Here are some things I’m thinking about this #NYE:


Resolution #1: Shorter posts

Let’s face it–how many times have I set a weekly post date for this site, stuck to it all of two or three weeks, dropped off the face of the Earth, and then spent half of my next post apologizing for such a long absence? That’s so 2014.  So, to keep up with the trends, I’m going to keep things simple, short, and sweet.


Resolution #2: NO APOLOGIES

Writing is about being honest, and comedy is about being honest, so comedic writing must be about being….random! But in all seriousness, there have been a lot of things on my mind I’d like to write about, but have held back in fear of making waves amongst friends and readers and those I love. But the best lessons, the wisest observations–the things that need to be said–those come from places of vulnerability. Discretion is key, but honesty is power. So, sorry in advance.


Resolution #3: I still kind of want to meet Nick Jonas.

#sorrynotsorry I’m watching him sing on TV as I write this and the 16 year-old in me is giggling uncontrollably, so, you know.


Resolution #4: Love More in the Moment

I spent a lot of 2014 worrying. I spent a lot of 2014 crying. I spent more time missing home in 2014 than I have since I was in the third grade and discovered I was terrified of sleeping over at friends’ homes. I know, though–when I truly let myself believe it–that my family isn’t going anywhere. They want me to be happy, have adventures, and find success. And they love me whether I’m half the world away or living in their basement (probably a little bit more when I’m living half the world away). So, in 2015 I’ve made a promise to myself to explore more, find the positives, and learn to love what’s given to me.


Resolution #5: Embrace Myself

In the last half a year, I’ve met more kinds of people than I have my entire life. I’ve witnessed several different personalities and life philosophies played out, and I’ve realized something: I never want to be a grumpy old man with a crass mouth. I don’t care if it means I’d be able to afford a Malibu mansion. If I ever scream at someone over the phone, then I’ve failed at life. I’m going to embrace my polite upbringing. In fact, I’d like to learn more patience and kindness in 2015. Because I believe that knowing myself, embracing my personality traits, and standing by them makes me a stronger person. And I also believe there’s a difference between being mean and standing your ground.


So there you have it. My five resolutions for this year. There isn’t going to be any “let’s see how long I keep to these.” I will. Affirmative thinking.


I will also being working out regularly again, as my grandmother has informed me that I’ve gained weight. But let’s face it: some things never change.




Today I want to spend a little time talking about growing up and having to make decisions. You know, I think the real separation between God and man didn’t come with God casting Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, it came when God presented Adam and Eve with the first choice (er, command?) and the naked super duo made the first decision in humanity.

This, right here, should be evidence enough that human beings are naturally poor decision makers. And yet, here lies humanity, full of choices and decisions that must be made. I bet heaven is a decision-less place–very simple, very easy.  People should never, under any circumstances, be given free reign over their own actions. That is how jackasses are born.

Am I starting to sound a bit…communistic? No? Good. Thanks, comrade.

I hate making decisions. Decision making is like a terrifying game of Russian Roulette, except you’re blindfolded, have ear plugs in, and are tied up. So in other words, decision making is attempting to do something while you have no idea what the hell is going on.

Of course, with that definition, decision making could also be like my blog…

What I really mean, though, is that life is going to chuck decisions at your head no matter what. Often, important decisions come in pairs to provide maximum amount of stress. And the truth is, sometimes you just have to decide. You might try to weigh the possibilities and risks ahead of time, but you’ll never really know until you choose one way or another. And then, you just have to roll with the results. You’re not going to make the right decision every time. But at least you made a decision and your life is moving in some direction. A lot of people (like me) are so afraid of making a bad decision or a mistake that they never make decisions at all. They get stuck in the same routines, the same life, job, career forever, and its not what they really want. But its comfortable, and its livable. What people often don’t realize is that not making a decision is making a decision. A decision not to decide.

Right now I’m at a crossroads in my life–and maybe I’ll always be at a crossroads in my life, maybe everyone is, I’m not sure–and there are multiple decisions I have to make: do I move back home to be closer to my family, or do I forge ahead on this unknown career path in LA? Do I go out with friends and burn through my savings a little faster, or do I stay home and save money, but not friends? Do I want to work in television and film, or do I want to focus my efforts more on my time outside of a career, instead of in it?

There are a lot of decisions to be made, and I hate making decisions. It’s one of the hardest things I have to do on a daily basis. But I want to make the choice right now to decide. As scary as it is, I’m not striving for stagnant. I’m working to make my mark in this world–not in a selfish way (though obviously my motivation is with my own happiness in mind) but as a way to give back to the world. I’m striving to provide my talents in a useful way to society in a light that will hopefully be beneficial, not negative. If I find a comfortable job and paycheck and just snuggle in now, that’ll never happen. So I’ve made a choice to take the rocky road instead of the smooth vanilla, and hopefully these twists and turns will lead to something good in the long run.

Until next Thursday,

Yours truly,


There’s No Place Like–SoCal?

How many times must I sound like a broken record before I start getting more consistent about updating posts here?  Sheesh, you’d think I’d moved halfway across the country or something.

Oh, wait.

Yes, it did indeed happen, yes it was just as terrifying as I thought it would be, and yes, I cried in front of strangers. Bawled, actually. Complete hysterics.

But, I’m better now, the sun is always shining, and as I like to say: I’m here, I’m not queer, and I’m ready to mingle. (Alright, I don’t actually like to say that, but when you don’t have a catchphrase…) And by mingling, no, I’m not looking to jump into the dating scene–is there one? What do people mean when they say, “dating scene”? Sheesh, it’s like we live in a freaking movie (p.s. if you know where the dating scene is, I’m having trouble finding it. SOS)–though, if Henry Cavill needs a date to the next awards show, I won’t say no. What I mean is, I’m ready to meet people and make some friends. Actually, I need to meet people and make some friends. Last night I got angry at my wall for ignoring my sorrows.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

But really. You would not BELIEVE how difficult it is to find groups of like-minded people. I’ve been searching for three weeks and I’m still struggling to find a Young Adults group to join. Would you believe that? 2nd largest city in America and nobody hangs out in organized clusters. It’s like Universities operate on some structured system to help you meet people or something…nah.  So, if you live in LA, and you want to hang out, give me a ring. No, not my phone–I’m not giving that out online, fool. A literal ring. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all.

Okay, that last joke wasn’t funny. I don’t care.

For those of you out there who are still reading this for assurance that the transition from school to the real world can be survivable, don’t worry, I got your back. I have a lot I want to tell you on that subject, but for fear of making this post a monster to read, I’m going to write that into a separate post, just for you, my lovelies.

I also want to tell you all about my perception of Los Angeles since getting here.  Like my reasoning for the above, be looking for that in a separate post.

Don’t worry, they will both be coming. I’ve decided I will be updating my blog every Thursday.  Get excited.

Until then, just know that I am safe, if still a little emotionally insecure about the state of my life. But the weather is better than wherever you are (not to be snotty, but I can guarantee it is) and I’ve already had two celebrity sightings, plus I’m currently working in an industry that, until now, I’d only ever dreamed about. Oh, and I live ten minutes from the beach.

If don’t hate me enough to stop reading my blog, then I’ll see you next week for another edition of let’s-see-how-much-I-can-brag.

Yours truly,


Southward, Ho!

I love when I get to travel, because it only reminds me more about the diversity that surrounds us everyday. I particularly love traveling within the U.S. when I am able to stay in one place long enough and out of the typical tourist-y way that I am able to get a real feel for the people and region.  It’s easy to forget–or perhaps, never realize–that even in a nationalized state like America, we do not all live the same way.  A couple years ago, I spent a brief ten days in Huntsville, Alabama volunteering through my University with a local non-profit organization there.  My culture-shock was almost immediate upon arrival: the Bible belt comes to its full realization in the Southern states, housing a church literally on every corner.  And the southern drawls! My, my! The southern drawls.  And southern hospitality finds its truest practitioners in the people of Huntsville.  It was an experience that threw all of my conceptions of Americans in my face.

Now, for the summer at least, I have made the trek down to San Antonio, Texas–a shorter drive than expected, considering the size of the state.  This is not my first time in Texas, but it is my first time in San Antonio, and my first time spending an extended period of time in the state.  Already I’ve had encounters with that ever-so-cherished southern hospitality, though it seems to be much more subtle here in Texas.  I-35 seems to be the vein that connects most of west Texas, and so I do not have much visual to go off of about Texas Landscape, though the expanse of the state seems to show in the variance of geographical sights: everything from flatlands, to hills, to trees and woods, to palm trees.  But mainly freeways. Lots and lots of freeways.

I am only here for a couple months, and I only just arrived, so I will make this post a brief  one.  But I hope to explore more in my off-time and prove to myself that San Antonio is not just a city of tall buildings and freeways, but a real Texas town like I imagined. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I prove myself wrong.  In the meantime, keep checking back for more posts. I hope to get back on a schedule soon. I’ll let you know when I do.

Yours truly,


Long Time No See

Sooooo my one week away from blog posts due to my trip to London turned into a three week hiatus…it has been quite the hustle to get caught up and back on track with all of my school work and job applications. Actually, I’m still not completely caught up. This has been the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants semester. I am surprisingly busy for an English major who is not taking any traditional literature courses this semester. But I suppose I honestly prefer this to sitting around with nothing to do.

Okay, so now to the good stuff: what have I been doing these last three weeks, and have I found a job yet?

Well, the quick answer to the second part of that question is no, I have not. But more on that in a minute. As far as what I’ve been doing for the last three weeks goes: well, to start with, I spent my spring break in London, being a complete tourist and momentarily satisfying my wanderlust. It was an absolutely fantastic week, filled with a lot of insightful time to myself, traveling among the different parts of London, seeing the sights and watching the people.  When I returned home I was absolutely exhausted, and feel that I must have slept more than I was awake for the next week. I have certainly not kept such a good bedtime in my entire life.  This also meant I was a bit behind on schoolwork, though, as I simply could not keep my eyes open long enough at night to finish my work early.

Honestly, had I not also been applying for a few internships that required I create writing samples for them, I probably wouldn’t have been behind or needed so much time to catch up.  That’s right, I have a couple leads on internships! (Cross your fingers–everything is still completely up in the air).

But, in thinking about these possible internships, and looking into my immediate plans for after graduation–especially after taking some time to myself in London–I am coming to terms with myself and finally finding some peace about my lack of a job after graduation.  I am confident I am not alone when I say that I have felt, and have put on myself, a  significant amount of pressure to have a job by the time I graduate.  For some reason, my idea of general success has always been that of someone who either has a job by the end of their time in college, or has been accepted into a respectable graduate program.

But I am starting to believe that its okay that I do not have a full-time “Big Kid” job to enter into immediately after school. I am starting to get much more excited about the multitude of opportunities ahead of me to experience several different fields of work.  I am excited to explore, and hopefully support myself along the way.  Yes, it is still frightening not to have financial security, but I believe this is the path I have chosen, subconsciously, because I’d rather face financial uncertainty than mundane security.  I have always wanted to live, and experience, meet, and explore–something I can’t do from the same apartment and the same job in the same office month after month.  I think this has been a long time coming, but–particularly after my two professional internships–I’m learning that I am not an office person. I do not want to work in an office atmosphere for the rest of my life. I like to be on my feet, working with my hands, conversing with people and seeing a positive end result for the work that I do.

So no,  I do not have a job yet, but I am attacking the job search process with a renewed hope, a new angle, and a much more enthusiastic attitude!  My advice to those of you still searching in despair?  Let go of the pressure to have a job lined up by graduation: it’s okay. Be willing to accept the possibilty of being a waiter, or barista if need be.  Explore, and keep hope! You will find your place.

Until Next Monday,

Yours truly,


The World from the POV of a Prospective Grad

Hi there. Will you hire me?

I am happy to say that the snow gods came through last week and brought me not one, but two snow days. Granted, as a graduating senior, I don’t have a very busy class schedule, anyways, but the snow days allowed me some extra time to catch up on homework and start working on tasks unrelated to homework, like looking for jobs.

Now, I know this entire series of blogs is supposed to be about my experience transitioning into the real world anyways, and, if you’ve been reading my posts, you know by now that I am terrified of that unknown.  But I thought it might be helpful for me to really define to you the way I see the world right now, because as I start looking more and more thoroughly at the different career paths I could take, I’m slowly beginning to realize the serious generational myth that I think many of us were raised on:

There is no perfect job.

There really isn’t. Does this sound like something I should have known before now?  Certainly I’m not the only one whose never thought about this before. Think about it: how many times in our lives have we gotten the question, “What is your ideal job?”  ‘Ideal’ shouldn’t really be synonymous with ‘perfect’ but I think in many of our minds it is.  We begin to build this fantasy in our minds of what we’ll do and how much we’ll get paid and how great our coworkers and bosses will be and how amazing the architecture of our work buildings will be and how we’ll get paid vacations spending months on end in cool first-world countries and resorts abroad. It’s like 99% of my celebrity crushes: in my mind, here are all of these handsome men that sound so smart and suave on screen and in interviews, and I’m sure that if I met them in real life, I’d be disappointed with almost all of them (maybe not because they themselves are bad people, but just because they wouldn’t be what I imagined them to be). Jobs and careers are the same way.

For most of our lives (‘our’ as in soon-to-be and recent college grads), we’ve been fed two strong and conflicting ideas: 1) the job market is horrible, and you better thank your lucky stars you’re even getting a job offer, and 2) If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Except that neither of those are true.

Sure, the job market sucks, but jobs have always been, and they always will be, competitive.  If you don’t work at what you want or need, you won’t get it, end of story. Sometimes even when you work at something, it doesn’t work out. But you have to move on anyways.  And if something isn’t what you want, keep looking. Pay the bills, but keep looking.  Which brings me to that second point: just because you dream something doesn’t mean that it will happen, or that it will happen right away. You have to build your dreams, work at them from the ground up, and don’t expect too much. If you plan out every detail about your future, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. In my short observance of people out in the real world, I’ve learned that sometimes things come to those who wait. So if you’re smart about your finances, and the first thing that comes available to you doesn’t feel right, don’t take it. Keep your goals in sight.

But this is a bit of a digression, because the real issue with the ‘if you dream it, you can achieve it’ slogan is that many of us have been laughed at for our dreams.  We’ve been told they are impossible, or too competitive, or impractical, so we don’t strive for them. We settle. Or conversely, we refuse to settle and end up unemployed for years on end because we see anything as less than the ideal as below us.  Sometimes working for that dream and building it from the ground up means taking that office job to pay the bills, or working at a coffee shop during the day, or living at home until you find something that will allow you your own place.  And, I think if you are really determined to reach your goals, that none of these things should be seen as beneath you.  (Just try not to live with mom and dad for too long, okay?)

I guess the real reason I’m saying all of this is because who knows where I’ll be in three months.  Nearly a straight-A student in college with several honors and awards on my resume, along with two internships and several leadership experiences, and I might still be that kid who lives at home for months before finding a job.  It’s just that kind of a world.  And I realize this all might sound contradictory, but that’s simply because this whole competitive job market thing is a confusing place.  My whole life I’ve been told I need to go to college, and I wanted to go to college, and then I get here, and I’m told that college doesn’t make me a competitively-qualified job candidate anymore, and that I’m going to have to settle for the types of jobs that will never pay off tuition costs and college bills. On top of that, you’re thrown out into the real world of independence, trying to pay bills and find a place to live, learning how to keep track of finances and pay taxes.  It’s an utterly mind-boggling time.  It’s frustrating, too, because everyone thinks they know exactly what you need to do, or how you should do it, or how you are generational-ly flawed, and how those qualities will only work against you in the job market.

And you know what? To all of that, I say this: Whatever.  I’m going to go out, find something I at least like doing (if I don’t love it) and then I’m going to work towards building a life that I love.  Because the perfect job doesn’t exist, but one (or a thousand, because let’s face it, we’re all going to hold several jobs (probably) throughout our lives) that provides me the ability to make a life that I love does exist.

So here’s to building dreams and working towards goals, finding OK-jobs and loving our lives.  Here’s to experiencing.

Until next Monday,

Yours truly,


New Year, New Blog!

I gave myself one goal today: post this blog.  It is now five minutes to 10 p.m. (though the save history on this draft says 4 a.m.–don’t know what that’s about) and I am just now starting to type this up.  Great start to a new year? …Yeah…

In all honesty, though, I actually have a pretty good feeling about this year.  In about four months I will be headed into a future of the unknown–my last semester of school and I still don’t know what I’m doing–and possibly moving to some un-foretold city to wreck my awkward havoc upon its unsuspecting citizens, but yes; I feel pretty good about this year.

Actually, the thing I like most about New Years is the feeling of ambition it gives.  Eleven months out of the year, I get an idea and then put it off, because I think, “Well, I’m in the middle of life right now, and I don’t want to start something new until I know I have time for it,” so I wait for something that feels like a starting point.  Usually something silly, like a holiday, or a long weekend, or 12:30 a.m.   But if there is something I’ve learned in my whole philosophical experience in 2014 so far, it’s that you have to just jump in and go for it.  To be a bit cliche and invent my own saying, ‘In the race of life, there is no starting lines.’

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m jumping in, and I’m going to document my time along the way, so I hope you’ll join me.  And I hope you jump in, too.  Because, what is life without a few shared experiences, some laughs, and a whole ‘lotta awkward?


Oh My Gosh, You Guys, How Long Have I Been Away?

No, seriously, how long has it been?

I feel terrible.  The last time you heard from me, I think I was talking about how as soon as school got back into the swing of things, I’d start having a regular schedule where I could post more.

Ahh, the days when I was filled with naive hope for my senior year schedule.  Stupid college, making me actually work hard.

Well, things have finally gotten back into the swing of things (sort of). And now the semester is half-over.  Let me give you a summary of how things went these last nine(ish) weeks:

Week 1: Friends have returned. After two weeks of living in a smelly conference room with grown men and women who care too much about the fluffiness of residential curriculum (Gahh, why do I even know what that means?!?!) I feel like I can finally remember what having a social life feels like…And begin to mourn the fact that I don’t have one.

Week 2:  Hold up, hold up–let’s go back to week 1–you want me to do what?  How the heck am I supposed to run my job, go to school, AND pretend to like people, all at the same time?  Uh-huh.  This is gonna take more than seven days.

Weeks 3-5:  You know, I really should start working on that senior thesis and research project.  New seasons of The Big Bang Theory and Once Upon A TIme haven’t even started yet.  Nah.

Week 6:  Holy crap, I forgot that homework exists.

Week 7: One. Glorious. Week.  I never thought it would be possible to actually be ahead of schedule.  So this is what bliss feels like.

Week 8: I should be doing homework and staying on top of things, but it’s alright, I have a full four day weekend to get things–baby?  What?  You’re having a baby?  OMG I WILL DO NOTHING AND SIT IN YOUR HOSPITAL ROOM AND DRINK COFFEE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW EXHAUSTED I AM WHILE YOU TRY TO FOCUS LONG ENOUGH TO EAT LUNCH ON YOUR 20 MINUTES OF SLEEP YOU’VE GOTTEN IN THE LAST 48 HOURS.

Week 9:  I decide to blog at 1 a.m.

So, as you can see, things have been a bit crazy (and my tendency to procrastinate gets the partial blame).  But, there has obviously been no clear-cut routine yet this year (I should’ve known better–why do I always assume I can live my old-lady hermit lifestyle in the middle of campus?), so subsequently, my poor blog has been neglected.

I’m sorry. I’m a terrible person.

However, on brighter news, I know also write for the school newspaper (completely pointless opinion articles that I’m pretty sure only my friends read.)  Funny cautionary tale, however:  I asked my editor why my picture (which I’d taken earlier this semester) was still not being used for my articles, so he investigated and got the darn thing tied with my articles.  Unfortunately, it’s not a very flattering photo, so now it just looks like a very human-like penguin is writing for the school newspaper.

Honestly, if a real penguin was writing opinion articles, I’d totally read them.

Other than that (and some personal details which shall remain untold)  you didn’t miss much.  Ironically, though I think I said I probably wouldn’t do Fridays again for my weekly posts once I got into the semester, I’m thinking Fridays might be the best bet.  I’ll go ahead and say here that I’m going to make an effort to write every Friday.  No promises, though.  Since I’m already a terrible person, why ruin it now?

Cross your fingers.

Yours truly,