About the site: tlcerny started out as the birthplace of my first blog. It was a millennial mess and I loved writing every word of it. Recently, I’ve decided to transition the site over to focus on my professional writing. Thus tlcerny is now the place where you can find links to any of my published worked, as well as any creative work I have had a hand in. Don’t worry, if you’re really curious about my previous blogging history, you can still find all of my posts in the archives of this site.

A little about me: A writer with an incurably strong case of wanderlust, I moved to LA from my relatively small hometown in Kansas after college. The first lesson I learned: don’t go to Costco on a Saturday. Please, just don’t.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Kansas. After figuring out how to convince an academic committee to give me grant money to watch Disney Princess movies for a semester, I decided I didn’t want a big kid 9-5 job, which is when I uprooted my life to LA. Since then, I have worked in Film Development, on the set of a Reality TV Show, in Scripted Television Production, and Commercial Production. The experience has been surreal. I mean, seriously, the number of ways in which I can count six degrees of separation from Justin Bieber is alarming.

My writing credits include Television Reviews for a digital entertainment news site, Blog and Social Media Content for a healthcare marketing podcast, Articles for digital magazines in the higher education and health & fitness industries, in-house Press Releases for a publishing house, my alma mater newspaper, contributions to an academic journal, as well as other various social platforms across the web.

Additionally, I’ve worked as both a formal and informal editor and proofreader for content at every platform I’ve been a writer for, as well as my work in television and commercial production.

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