To Nobody, Who Reads My Blog:

After a two week hiatus, Nobody is probably wondering why I haven’t posted.  Oops, sorry I didn’t forewarn you, Nobody, but my summer internship wrapped up two weeks ago and I spent my first Friday that I missed posting a blog on the road and the second Friday hanging out in South Dakota on vacation.

I know. South Dakota, right?  What in the world could possibly keep me away from blogging while on “vacation” (haha) in South Dakota?

Well, for one, it’s South Dakota. Internet is like a smelly Parisian cheese that the locals don’t know how to cook with yet.  And two, South Dakota is actually awesome, if you like nature, but you don’t actually like nature.

What does that mean?  Well, it means I had an awesome time admiring the beauty of the Black Hills and the epic-ness of the Badlands without actually having to deal with Mother Nature’s little–let’s call them “buts”.  As in, “I love laying out at night and gazing at the immensity of sky and stars, BUT chigger bites really suck.” As in, “I had such a blast camping last weekend, living outdoors and really making a go of it, BUT that run-in with the [insert animal here (possible answers: ferocious bear, ginormous tarantula, rattle snake, rabid squirrel, etc)] was horrible.”  As in, I like you, outdoors, I really do. But it’s not you, it’s me. But actually it’s you.

Actually, South Dakota is surprisingly pretty great.  Who knew all this time I was visiting family in south central South Dakota all I had to do was mosey on over to the west border and there’d be ample amounts of touristy things for me to do. Let me give you a visual: most of South Dakota is like Western Kansas. There’s nothing, and then there’s something. But usually that something is nothing as well, so you have to use your imagination. If you like rural, it’s great.  I for one, enjoy the nostalgia of it. However most sane people will probably live their entire lives never even caring to visit even out of curiosity. I don’t blame you. Though you’re missing out on some of the best pizza, ever.  However, however, when you hit Rapid City–or maybe even Wall Drug–it’s like, suddenly you’re in Colorado, and not just the scenic but boring East side. You’re in the Rockies, baby. And wilderness just got real.  Except for the big billboards every half-mile advertising yet another gold mine tour.  Woo-hoo. (Actually, they’re pretty cool.)

So, yeah. That’s how I spent my one week of glorious summer vacation. In the Badlands and the Black Hills. Seeing Mount Rushmore. Touring really old mines. Getting some Black Hills Gold. Spending valuable bonding time with my parents. (I know, seems like a strange thing for someone my age to say, but family is really important to me. Maybe I’ll dive into that more in another post).

It was really fun. And now I have to move back to school. I should be excited. I should have senioritis that makes me really want to get this done and over with. But I kind of want to chain myself to a tree and never leave. I have no idea what’s happening next. O.O It’s a big world out there. And I’m a small person. (No, really, I’m pretty short. Not petite or under five-foot, but I’m still short.)

That got deep. (At least for me; I’ll probably go contemplate the world in my head now when I’m done writing this.)

Anyways, as with the end of my summer comes the end of my goal to update my blog every Friday. I think I did a pretty decent job, don’t you? I only had one week where I posted on Saturday instead (not counting my two-week hiatus). I think I’ll set another day for updating posts.  However, once again I’m not sure what day that’ll be on. Probably not Fridays. Fridays are weird during the school year. I spend a lot of Friday nights watching YouTube clips of the Ellen DeGeneres show while my hair is wet. (I sound like such a catch, don’t I?)

Okay, enough of what has turned into a confessional rambling about my life. Go do something with yours. And then come back and read my blog again in a week.

Thanks, Nobody. I appreciate your support. You da best.

Yours truly,


P.S. Here‘s a little sample of how my weekend went.

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