Southward, Ho!

I love when I get to travel, because it only reminds me more about the diversity that surrounds us everyday. I particularly love traveling within the U.S. when I am able to stay in one place long enough and out of the typical tourist-y way that I am able to get a real feel for the people and region.  It’s easy to forget–or perhaps, never realize–that even in a nationalized state like America, we do not all live the same way.  A couple years ago, I spent a brief ten days in Huntsville, Alabama volunteering through my University with a local non-profit organization there.  My culture-shock was almost immediate upon arrival: the Bible belt comes to its full realization in the Southern states, housing a church literally on every corner.  And the southern drawls! My, my! The southern drawls.  And southern hospitality finds its truest practitioners in the people of Huntsville.  It was an experience that threw all of my conceptions of Americans in my face.

Now, for the summer at least, I have made the trek down to San Antonio, Texas–a shorter drive than expected, considering the size of the state.  This is not my first time in Texas, but it is my first time in San Antonio, and my first time spending an extended period of time in the state.  Already I’ve had encounters with that ever-so-cherished southern hospitality, though it seems to be much more subtle here in Texas.  I-35 seems to be the vein that connects most of west Texas, and so I do not have much visual to go off of about Texas Landscape, though the expanse of the state seems to show in the variance of geographical sights: everything from flatlands, to hills, to trees and woods, to palm trees.  But mainly freeways. Lots and lots of freeways.

I am only here for a couple months, and I only just arrived, so I will make this post a brief  one.  But I hope to explore more in my off-time and prove to myself that San Antonio is not just a city of tall buildings and freeways, but a real Texas town like I imagined. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I prove myself wrong.  In the meantime, keep checking back for more posts. I hope to get back on a schedule soon. I’ll let you know when I do.

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