My Mom is the Animal Whisperer

First let me explain the photo above: I think my mother looks a lot like Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep’s face is on a sheep’s body. Animals + Meryl Streep. There you go.

Forget what you know about those silly shows where they have the psychics and the vets and whoever else is sort of washed-up in their careers and resorts to “reading” animal minds: my mom is the true animal whisperer. No, I’m serious. Stop laughing.

Okay, okay. So she can’t communicate with animals directly, and she certainly has no idea what her animals are thinking. Why, then, you ask, do I call her the true animal whisperer? Because animals flock to this woman like she’s Snow White. Actually, I have heard her sing to her animals before. Perhaps she actually is Snow White.

Get this: my mom takes care of over 20 animals, and she doesn’t even live on a farm. She grew up on one, though, which is probably why she’s got skillz when it comes to tending to a herd of classroom pets and a handful  of household ones as well. She’s got this huge albino rabbit that thinks he’s a person and just hops around the room, following her. She also has this HUGE tom cat that has been with our family since he was born, as his mother adopted our family (no surprise there–cats seem to hone in on mother radar and find us) shortly before she become pregnant. I’m pretty sure this cat is gay because he took in another male cat–his half-brother from another litter–and the two lived like happy life partners for about a year and a half before the younger one pushed one too many buttons and the older one broke it off with him.

My mom has tended pigs, cows, sheep, horses–you name it. Currently she houses a fish tank full of fancy cockroaches (I’m not sure how cockroaches can be fancy, but my mother treats them as such) that are probably our household’s best line of defense at repelling break-ins.

Obviously my mother’s animal skills have very little to do with me personally, or this blog, but I just thought you all should know. Talents should be recognized and celebrated.


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