I am obsessed with drag queens

I just thought you all should know.

Like, right now, I’m watching Rocky Horror Picture Show as I type–this is becoming a thing, isn’t it? Me watching movies while I blog.

Speaking of movies, I have another extroverted introvert thing to complain about: spending my weekends having fun: Ridiculous, right?  Complaining about having fun.  But it’s not. Not if you’re an obnoxious extroverted introvert who likes the idea of the weekend, not for relaxing and enjoying yourself, but for seeing how productive you can be.  Yes, Life, you are only as valuable to me as I can measure you through productivity.

Life Fail on my part.

But honestly, you would think it’d be the other way around–that I’d spend all my time doing homework and wishing I could go out and have fun and not be stuck inside all the time.  Well, my life used to be like that, for  a while.  But it’s my senior year, and there’s just so many things to do and experience before I’m done with college, and all of sudden I’m doing twenty things on Saturday that don’t resemble homework in the least.

…Life Fail on my part?

I think that’s the real problem with the world–well, at least college; there are all these things to do, people to meet, places to be, and the homework just piles up as well, and finding a balance wouldn’t be so excruciating, except you know you are on a time limit.  You’ll only be twenty-something for as long as ‘something’ lasts.  Don’t get me wrong–I strongly suspect that the real world and real life are all a balancing act as well.  But I am jealous of those who can leave work behind at work and enjoy enjoyment when it’s present, right there in front of them.

Me?  Well I agree to do things with friends and then remind them constantly throughout the time that I am with them how much homework I should be doing at that exact moment.

How do I have friends again?

But college is an interesting time that involves a special tango-contest of “how much can I hold on to before falling off the crazy-train?”

Or maybe it should be “falling on to the crazy-train”.  Not sure.

Anyways, look at me. I’ve been at this for hours because I keep getting distracted by non-homework-y things. (And this blog isn’t even homework.)

Congratulations, Tasha, and yet another successfully productivity-evading weekend. You go, Glen Coco.

Yours truly,


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