I Am a Rainbow of Feelings

In exactly two weeks, I will be an Alumna of the University of Kansas. I will have already donned my cap and gown and taken part in the ever-so-desired ritual of walking down the hill.

On the one hand, I am extremely excited.  I really am looking forward to the adventures ahead of me, whatever they may be.  I’ve come to a place where I’m ready to step out of the classroom and really use my time and the things I’ve learned over the course of my life to make something of my own.

On the other hand, I will really miss this. I will miss my friends, being within a few hours drive of my family, and honestly, I’ll even miss school.  I’ve had a blast these last four years, and I’ve loved every second of exploration and the discoveries I’ve made about myself through these years.

On the other other hand, I am terrified.  Stepping into the world where my life is not planned more than a few months in advance is absolutely frightening. I’ve lived my whole life knowing exactly where I was headed (even if some of the details were not completely ironed out) and there really was not much adjustment in the overall skeletal frame of my life direction. My life has always been school and family. Now, in two weeks time, the former will be no more, and the latter may wind up being half a world away.

So that’s where I’m at right now. A rainbow of emotions, feeling the tinges of Senioritis and the remorse at the idea of leaving. Being overwhelmed by the excitement of new adventures and the panic of the unknown.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it’s the Monday of dead week, and that’s my brain right now: dead. Maybe I’ll have some better reflection for you in two weeks.

Until Next Monday,

Yours truly,


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