Stepping into a New Era

Okay, I realize I’m not a normal person.  No, I don’t mean I’m an alien (though it’s always questionable) I mean I’m just not normal.  I tend to have a logic that isn’t quite what it should be.  Of course, I think I’m perfectly ordinary and understandable, but then I look around and observe the lives of others and I realize: I’m totally weird.

That’s alright though, I accept me, and that’s all that really counts, right?

Anyways, my point is that this weirdness tends to transcend all aspects of my life, including my relationship with my family. I LOVE my family.  Weird right?  Okay, sometimes they get on my nerves, and sometimes I feel like a little black sheep, but for the most part, we are pretty peachy.  So, as you can probably imagine, I was feeling a whirlwind of emotions this weekend at my brother’s wedding.  It was an absolutely stunning ceremony, and a total blast to be a part of (I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time, very exciting!).  I told myself I wouldn’t cry, and I didn’t–though there were a few moments that I thought the waterworks would be inevitable.  But, honestly, the most peaceful–and also strangest–feeling came over me afterwards.

I think in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, I had worked myself up about “losing” my brother.  There are a lot of years between us, and while we were growing up, he always tended to act more like my third parent than an actual brother (annoying but sweet at the same time) so seeing so much of his attention go to someone else instead of me was, for lack of a better example, sort of like an only child of several years finding out that there is another child on the way.    But, stranger still than this growing feeling before the wedding was (as I mentioned above) the total peace I felt about it after it was over.  Maybe I was actually more worried about things falling apart right before the wedding than I was about them being permanently stuck together.  Or maybe it was just how happy my brother and his wife look together.  I don’t know. But I sure am happy that they found each other.

So now I see things a little differently than I did before. I’m not losing a brother/parent figure, I’m gaining a sister, and a wonderful one at that, too.  And this isn’t the end of an era–though it might mark the end of one of the last strands of my childhood (but I could cry about that all day)–it’s the beginning of a new one; and an exciting one at that.

So I guess it’s appropriate that 2013 seems to really be wiping the slate clean and starting over (what with the 2012 Mayan end of the world and the new year and all).  So, if you’re reading this at home and miraculously happen to have a glass of champagne (or any other beverage for that matter) in your hand at the moment, let’s have a toast to new beginnings and a life full of happiness.

Yours truly,