The 10 Best Ways to Procrastinate Something You Were Never Going to Do Tonight Anyways

So, I sat down to write this blog (Originally entitled, “Let’s Talk About Life”) and here’s how the last fifty minutes have gone:

1) I wrote the first five words of a sentence

2) I searched Spotify to find the perfect soundtrack to boost my creativity

3) My roommate came home with a friend and I showed him the Youtube video of a song related to the one I had been listening to

4) I watched ten other youtube videos

5) I checked Facebook

6) I watched another youtube video

7) I posted that youtube video on a Facebook status

8) I tweeted about the video

9) I found the full-length video of the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert and listened to the opening song

10) I looked at my blog-in-progress and started writing this

So, if this sequence of events hasn’t convinced you, let me prove my procrastination skills by giving you these suggestions on how to procrastinate the correct way:

Need a laugh while stressing over that 15 page term paper? Got a make-or-break final looming overhead?  Scroll through the pages of this website and laugh to yourself while you thank God that this isn’t your family (or, if it is, that you hopefully don’t have to see them everyday).

Do you love Harry Potter?  Did you have a Childhood? Are you still waiting to get your Hogwarts letter?  Do you know entirely too much about the novels and story? Are you self-conscious that you don’t know enough?  Say no more, Pottermore is the place to spend that extra time you don’t have! Learn fascinating new details about Rowling’s immense novels while interacting with semi-interactive scenes related to the settings of the books.

Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon?  Who needs productivity when you can utilize your time organizing all of those ideas you just might get to if you can ever get off the webpage.

If you’re looking for something a little less time-committal, here are some fun links to check out:

Youtube videos of The Ellen Show. You can never go wrong with a bit of Ellen.

The Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2. Prepare to cry at its beauty.  Also, Nick Jonas does a heart-wrenching rendition of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.”  Whoops, did I just out myself as a Jonas fan?  #Don’tcare

Epic Rap Battles of History: Fun and Funny.  Some are hit and miss, but for the most part, it’s a good time.

Screen Junkies.   These guys do a lot of funny videos, but look for their ‘Honest Trailers,’  especially TwilightThe Dark Knight, and Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace

Bad Lip-Reading.  These guys are hilarious, but a personal favorite is The Hunger Games

The Piano Guys.  Everything that comes out of this channel is pure gold.  Trying to muster up some motivation to actually start that project? Start here, and let your ears be engulfed in The Piano Guys beautiful genius.

Finally, are you wanting to become more active in your life? Let this be your inspiration.  I’ve directly posted a link to a specific favorite of my own, but if you go to youtube and just search “So You Think You Can Dance?” You can find millions of other clips just like this one.

So there you have it, the things I waste my time with. I would like to end with a little nugget of wisdom, however.  I truly believe that, if you are incredibly stressed out, a little break for a laugh, and a little something to get your mind off of your work, can do wonders for your motivation AND your productivity.  So, maybe a little procrastination isn’t so bad, after all.

Yours truly,


Thankful for Thanksgiving

Well, it’s that time of year again.  That time of year where students file home from all over the country for a few spare days of Doctor Who and Dexter and ignoring that term project that was assigned a few weeks ago and still leaves a sore spot in their mouths.  That time of year where families get together and pretend that they are happy to be there.  That time of year where, even after an entire day of gorging oneself with home-cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, pies—you name it—one still looks more forward to Chinese takeout and black Friday.  Even just typing this, I almost feel disgusted with myself.  I think of how many people that will spend this Thanksgiving lucky to have bread on their plates at all and I wonder how I live most of my days so unaware of the poverty around me.

Don’t get me wrong—this isn’t a post about how selfish and greedy Americans are; stuffing themselves while poor children sleep on the street with their stomachs growling.  This is a post about attitudes. You see, the trouble with traditions—as I would assume holiday celebrations for most people are—is that practicing them is almost like forming a habit.  And when a habit is formed, a person stops thinking about it.  They stop realizing they are doing said habit—it becomes a part of their natural actions; it becomes something their body does without asking the brain’s permission.  And when a person stops thinking about traditions, holidays become nothing more than going through the motions.

This is the trouble with Thanksgiving (and even Christmas!) that I see all around me—we simply go through the motions. Thanksgiving has become a national “Eat Turkey” day and nothing more.  This is why attitudes are so vastly important when celebrating holidays.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving is to be thankful and grateful for every gift we have—big and small.

So I’m asking you to take a moment and really think deeply about all the wonderful privileges and gifts that have been given to you.  Take note of the small stuff too—like having the ability to put too much mashed potatoes on your plate—and don’t feel guilty that not everyone has the financial means or resources to do that as well, but just be aware of it.  This is a formula to follow for humility, which is a virtue I believe everyone could use a little extra dose of.

Okay, with my preach-y introduction over, I suppose that only leaves me to tell you what I’m thankful for.  To that, I must start off with the fact that on this lovely Thanksgiving morning, I am currently sitting in a hotel room two blocks from the ocean.   My brother is a little over a month away from marrying the love of his life, and my parents and I are about to share a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my soon-to-be sister’s family halfway across the continent from our home.

So, I guess I have a lot to be grateful for.  I am grateful for love and family that brings me miles from home, I am grateful for friends who care enough to support me and keep me company, I am grateful for delicious food and the fact that I am American and have all these privileges.  I am grateful for football, and European football (soccer), and gymnastics, and most of all, Kansas Basketball. And beyond all that, I am grateful for the life I have been given, and all of the wonderful aspects of this life that help outweigh the bad.

I suppose there are a lot of problems in this world that we should all be concerned with, but perhaps for this one day, we should all shed our chips on our shoulders and our worrisome warts and attempt to be optimistic.

Yours truly,